X-MEN APOCALYPSE and the choking dilemma

X-MEN APOCALYPSE and the choking dilemma

I loved the first X-Men movie but I was not so impressed with the ones that followed so I did not rush to cinemas for the Apocalypse one. I must also confess that I am not a Marvel fan….there it is, I said it!

My dear friend Ada Bogoevici is a Marvel fan though and she posted something on Facebook that inspired me to write this article. Who is this Ada? To keep it simple I would say she is a friend with common sense and somebody I like to follow because she brings to light some things that are ridiculous or outrageous and she is not afraid to share her opinion although this very opinion might be opposite to the entire world. A woman with balls? Yeah, I think she must have a huge pair:)

So Ada posts this story about 20th Century Fox that is apologizing for an outdoor poster showing violent act against a woman after wide criticism, especially from actress Rose McGowan. I read and I do agree with Ada’s spot on assessment….this is stupid and exaggerated!

First I said “Rose who?” But never mind, let’s focus on the famous poster that pictures the Big Bad Villain from the new X-Men movie, chocking Mystique with the tag line “only the strong will survive”. But let’s try your common sense a bit, shall we?

  1. Have you met Mystique yet? Or even more specific, have you ever met her in the kitchen or doing laundry? Do you picture her as a model housewife cooking for her children and waiting for her hubby to get home? Do you seriously find Mystique a needy woman that cries for protection and help? If you think that way, then you never met this Mystique or seen X-Men.
  2. Do you think that maybe she has turned blue from all the choking? Aha, so that is why Mystique is so blue….now I get it!
  3. “Only the strong will survive” and who do you think survived from those 2 in the poster? Yup, Mystique was in trouble in THAT PICTURE but she is the one that makes it if you take the time and watch X-Men Apocalypse and see the BIG PICTURE. The bad dude got defeated at the hands of Sansa Stark when she turned into the cool Jean Grey…haha! 
  4. But wait, Mystique is a shape shifter so she can be a man or a woman or whatever she wants. Does this mean she could represent a transgender person? What do you think is worst in this case, violence against women or transgenders? I wonder what Rose would say….and now you don’t remember who is Rose, right? Yeah, I get you…Rose McGowan, repeat after me…Rose McGowan damn it!!! 
  5. Doesn’t it look to you that the Big Bad Villain from the poster is a bit black? Imagine then if the situation was upside down and Mystique was choking him!!! Hmmm…a poster where a white woman is choking a black man…I wonder if Mystique ever did that….and now we have a puzzle 
  6. Oh wait, I think I found the best poster that will make even Rosie happy! Mystique kicking ass….but oh no, is that an Asian man that she is choking? And our puzzle gets even more complicated…


So what is the conclusion? That only white heterosexual men can get choked in promotional posters?

If you really think about it, the whole drama is stupid. We are talking about heroes here with super powers and a fantasy world. They all kick each others butts and they are all pretty strong and don’t need no Rosie to protect them and they DO NOT represent obviously the regular men and women of our society.

Do you think that husbands will get inspired by that poster to suddenly become violent to their wives? No my dear friends, people are violent because they are and violence runs much deeper than that. It comes from a background, a messed up family or life and it is a character issue with strong roots somewhere in someone’s past. A picture from a movie will not trigger such behavior if you don’t have it already in you. Otherwise we would have to forbid 90% of all movie productions in the world and no more Animal Planet! What is that shit with lionesses doing all the work while male lions sleep and eat first?!

 Well, I did go to see X-Men Apocalypse for the sake of this article and out of pure curiosity to figure what is all the fuss about the choking….and I still remain NOT a fan of Marvel unfortunately:(

But I did learn something new….that in our days, society wants us to be extra careful to posters and make sure the message displayed is politically correct regardless of what the heck is going on in the movie. So if I understand right, the facade matters to you cause who cares otherwise what takes place behind closed doors, correct? Yeah, you are twisted if you think that way.

 Soon I go with my friend Ada to see the long waited Warcraft and I am super excited about it….but now looking at the poster again I smell trouble cause I don’t see any black people in there! So what is the hidden message here, in the fantasy world there are only white people? What do you say Rosie?