… I could tell you many things about fashion, politics, cars, gadgets and million others but no, I won’t. The whole world is wrapped around those things and I want to take you on a ride into a small corner of my own world. There is just one simple rule you need to follow, to close your eyes and imagine …

Imagine that a book can take you to a faraway land where the good always wins. Could you? Do you think that words on a paper can make you feel such emotions and see such things that you don’t actually see? Do you need a picture to imagine a wizard? Do you want to see aliens at your doorstep for you to finally picture them in your head?

Now don’t get me wrong… please do ask for a lot of pictures and proofs before you go on a date cause I don’t want you to blame me for your failed sex life :)

Could you imagine that a movie can awaken in you such curiosity that you wait for the next episode every single week, that you plan that glass of red wine, an early office escape and silent mode on your phone for that night? Well, if porn is your genre, I have to advise you in this case that too much red wine will not help!

What do you see when you look in the eyes of that friend that never lies to you…the mirror? Do you ever imagine you were somebody else or looked a bit different? Did you ever held your eyes shut hoping that when you open them again 10 kg are gone? Do you really think if you just see what it is, you will ever be able to see what it could be? I invite you here for a game of possibilities and you can’t play if you refuse to dream. And by the way, I hope you don’t see Snow White’s stepmother in that mirror of yours… don’t be predictable!

Where have you been? Where your salary allowed you to go? Imagine how the world will look to you when you finally see it at 60…will anybody pick you up in a bar or rather pick your pocket? Will you feel like in a race against time? How many countries can I still visit before another final heart attack…

Let’s just imagine you have a big fat salary and you can travel all over this big beautiful world and maybe... just maybe you can come up with some ideas to actually do a better job at your work and get that damn salary increase. If you don’t imagine you can do it, you will not try because you will be afraid and rather see your limitations than possibilities

I remember my first trip outside Romania….I imagined crystal clear blue waters and I borrowed 300 euro and went to Greece. Stupid reckless boy… I had to imagine food for about a month after that since I had no money left for anything else :(

Does a song ever trigger in you a distant memory? Is it always about the past for you? Why do you always have to associate music with all the bad things that happened to you…that break up, that loss, that kiss that you missed….why not imagine instead all the things you can still do? Let the music give you a fantasy of future lovers, a dance with Justin, a kiss with Britney in her good times, a drug free party with Gaga (a hard one to imagine but try), a tight hug from the new steroid muscled Bieber or an unreleased sex tape with Paris Hilton, although there is nothing unreleased about Paris these days.

Now say goodbye to Paris and come back down from those clouds because I am not saying that everything that you imagine will become reality. I believe imagination is a border breaker, is statement of intent, is your freedom to dare and it might just be your first step to a dream turning to reality.

I also had many dreams. No, I never met wizards but I did meet this horrible witch of a teacher from school, I never kissed Marilyn cause my name is not Coke, never found Frodo’s ring cause I would have kept it to myself, never had a drink with Lindsay Lohan cause she does not do just 1 drink but I did many other things humanly possible…I traveled the world, I got fit, I read amazing books that developed my creativity, I went to Arsenal stadium, I directed videos, I wrote lyrics and… I imagined I was a singer but did not tell anyone. Why tell people something so impossible? So nobody knew….and at 27 I became a singer and everybody knew.

Now open your eyes and look at me….do you think you want to walk the road of imagination together again?

If not, then enjoy the 5pm news. If yes, then I say…

May the force be with you till next time…