SENSE8, a story about strangers connecting and issues of the past

SENSE8, a story about strangers connecting and issues of the past

I do recommend Sense8, with the risk that you might end up with another cancelled show! It is just one season and there is word on the market that it will be renewed for a second one….so fingers crossed! For Lost fans, you will also get to see again Naveen Andrews (Sayid).

Everything is a race against time today. We want what we want here and now and have no time or patience to wait. No time to grow, to develop, to convince. You have 5 minutes to take a job, you have one sex date to fall in love and a TV series has 1 season, in the best case scenario, to convince that deserves renewal.

There is nothing worse than an unfinished story and in the business of TV production we have a lot of those lately. As soon as rating drops a bit, TV stations rather quick decide to cancel a show and replace it. In some almost happy cases they do some kind of ending so the story makes sense but there are many examples of totally unfinished business. It almost feels like we get just teasers these days and not entire TV series.

Before you continue reading my article, just mind this special note…if you are a hater, homophobe or racist or all of those together, this TV series is NOT for you. Here are some warning pictures for potential extremely self righteous people:

You could say that this is another movie about telepathic minds and people with special powers. And I already hear you say “been there done that” but don’t judge it too quickly. There is something different about the way characters are presented and built. Eight people from different parts of the world with various jobs and social status suddenly have the ability to contact each other via mind power. The connection is so strong that they can actually see each others worlds, can talk and even touch and they can borrow certain qualities from one another when in dire need to fight, lie, break in, create, run or hide.

What gets me the most about Sense8, is that the focus is not solely on fight scenes, SIFI, death and blood. Every character has an issue that is deep related to family, friends or a relationship. It is basically a SIFI story with a strong human touch that exposes truths about life, fears we have as people, loneliness we feel sometimes and bonds we build with each other. It starts as these 8 people begin to discover each other and connect in a shy way but soon it becomes obvious how much easier is for them to speak about personal matters, strangers as they are.

They all have to deal with the past and suddenly it struck me how much more concerned and affected we allowed ourselves to be by the past compared to the future. Why spend so much time to fear the past and fight with it when there is nothing you can change about it? Isn’t it a better investment to focus on the future which is something much more fixable? This is exactly what the 8 people are doing, trying to move away from the past, to solve it so they can move on. Easier said than done as most of them walk close to the edge and many times fail to see solutions. The bond between them might be that special thing to guide all of them through. Is this the point, that we need others to make it? And by needing others, is it a sign of weakness?

Whom do you need?