HEROES REBORN, just like trying to rekindle a dead relationship

HEROES REBORN, just like trying to rekindle a dead relationship

Who remembers Heroes? It started so good, a bit mystical, a bit strange and dreamy. It was an interesting story at first, about people that discover new things about themselves….the powers.

Imagine you suddenly figure out that you are unique in this world and you can do something that nobody else can! Will that make you feel on top of the world or a freak? It is very interesting what uniqueness does to us and how sometimes we fail to see its advantages. Instead of feeling special, we feel set apart and not in a good way. I remember in school how I was bullied so many times for being too dark. Today I look at my brown healthy skin and I am happy for it.

What if I discovered I could move objects with the power of my mind? Would I be feeling bad about it? No way! I would move your diamond ring, your Rolex, your credit cards and I would even move you out of my way when you become too annoying:)

But good I don’t have that power and the temptation to get things the easy way. Like this, I learnt how to work hard to get diamonds and expensive watches….and I am still learning cause I have none of those yet:(

Back to Heroes. One of them can fly, one can stop time and one cannot die….although she does try really hard to die. And of course, there are many others that have different unique talents and their own ways of dealing with those talents. Some are good folks and some are villains and I did love the first season of Heroes. The ones that followed were good but not great and I did watch them all because I like closure and conclusions. Just like in a break up, you want to know why in order to move on and stop wondering. Well, sometimes is good not to know especially when the reason for break up was the size of your pennis, right? And auto spelling tried to correct pennis….”did you mean, Penny?”. No, I did mean pennis. Awkward…just like the TV series with the same name.

So Heroes was done and dusted but when they ran out of ideas for new TV series, of course they thought that Heroes Reborn is a brilliant project.

But let me ask you….when was it ever brilliant to keep going back to a relationship that ended? Why do we keep doing that anyways? Why do we think that “this time it will be different and we will make it work out”? I wonder, is the panic of being single? Is it age? Is it insecurity? Is it laziness to invest in something new?

What do we say? Yeah, I will go back to her. Sex is not great but at least I don’t have to take her out on a date and buy her dinner. Yeah, I will go back to him cause who in the world will pick me now when I am close to 40?

We use old relationships like a safety net and maybe this is exactly what is stopping us to develop others, better ones, the ones that will give us a happy future. We keep on warming up that old soup and we might never know how a fresh one tastes like.

So how bad is Heroes Reborn? As bad as a lover you keep going back to because you have no better options. Sad. It is so bad that they even cancelled it after a few episodes and I don’t think more should be said on the matter. Here is my version of the poster...

You on the other hand, make sure you also cancel your old boring movies in your life and watch some new ones. They don’t even have to be long TV series, you can also go for short foreign films (read between the lines)...