GAME OF THRONES, fantasy or real life politics?

GAME OF THRONES, fantasy or real life politics?


So Game of Thrones is a fantasy story with dragons, people coming back to life, scary dead creatures with blue eyes and huge wolves but you cannot deny that this show is giving us so much insight into politics and real life drama.

You say you are not interested in politics and want nothing to do with it but guess what…politics is everywhere around you…at your job, your school, in your society and even your family. Yes, that struggle for power, to push somebody aside to make space for your own ambitions, that is everywhere around you.

In Game of Thrones, families fight each other to death to get control and sit on that cold spiky throne that from the look of it, seems to me as a very uncomfortable huge chair. Come on, give me a comfy couch and put a soft pillow under my bum at least. This is what I would say if I would be in that game. Don't you think Daenerys looks a bit uncomfortable sitting on it?

But I am so bad at games…I just don’t know how to play. I really think I would make a good Sansa or Jon Snow. I would say the right thing, do the right thing and get stabbed in the right places.

I know the show has all kinds of reactions, some very good and some very bad. Like any popular things in life, it has its controversy and shocking scenes. Still, this is probably the best TV show I have ever seen…in fact I would even place all cinema movies ever made into the hat and still consider Game of Thrones at the top. From the powerful storyline, to the amazing production and intelligent dialogue, this TV series is a trendsetter from start to end and I am sure it will be the platform for many others to come.

Too bad MTV took over Shannara Chronicles and confused it with a Justin Bieber video! This could have been another Game of Thrones but what a massacre of a good book MTV did. But this is a story for another time…

How good are you at games in life?

I am not naïve and I can understand that games will always be played no matter what but at least would be good to have some kind of universal rules. Instead, the rules are shifting like moving sands in Dorne.

And speaking of Dorne, let me say that the set up with tents in the dessert was not a good one. I also found Cersei’s shaming a bit exaggerated even for fantasy. Those 2 would be my only negative points about the show.

So every Monday now, from 8pm, me and my best friends are meeting up in front of the TV with some wine of course and with a great hope we might actually learn something from this Game…just joking! Me and my friends are stubborn believers of “in your face truth” and we vouch to stay that way until our eyes turn blue and get raisin skin from old age.

Enjoy the games on the screen. Play none in your life. Do you have the balls to do it?