Americans fear nobody...except VAMPIRES!

Americans fear nobody...except VAMPIRES!

Do you have some money saved? Are you looking for business opportunities? Are you searching for 100% safe investment?

Produce your own Vampire TV series….your return on investment will be guaranteed!

This is common sense and it seems that everybody on this planet figured it except Romanians. No, we cannot exploit this story that originated in our own country and we have no clue how to squeeze money out of it. It is indeed very complicated to put together some crazy amusement park and scare the shit out of some Americans that would pay good money for a heart attack.

Instead, we get some popcorn and storm into shopping malls to give our contribution to the Twilight Saga 3.345177904 $ revenue. I, on the other hand, sit on the couch and follow True Blood, Vampire Diaries and Strain and suddenly I wonder….why do we love so much when humans eat humans? The better question would be, why do we want to be freaked out? Somehow we all have this deep desire to be scared.

You might imagine that all this TV series bring something different….well, you are a bit wrong. In Vampire Diaries you will find traces of Twilight story and the Love trio is quite similar to True Blood. A human girl caught between two male Vampires and she has a hard time to decide. In both cases, one is good and other is bad. Same old, same old….what do girls like, good boys or bad boys? Blond guys or black….better let’s not go there…Let’s say that the main female characters from those Series really have a hard time choosing the right Vampire to date. After too many episodes when poor girls think and fight with the decision, they finally do what I would have done right from the start….get down and dirty with both. So typical Britney Spears to play the virgin till 30 and suddenly let all Hell loose out of nowhere. I guess to make up for the lost time she decided to shave her head, give birth to 5 children with 10 different men, almost dropped one of them in the head and she French kissed Madonna to check that box as well.

If True Blood has some humor here and there, Vampire Diaries is purely cheese and smoosh. A vampire with skinny legs, another with crazy eyes, a main girl with forever victim attitude, her BFF with strange lips and huge forehead and a human blond boy which I have no idea how come he is still alive. Does this sound good to you? Just Imagine The Young and The Restless, Halloween episode. Same stuff….you can jump in whenever, watch an episode and totally get the whole story. Wouldn’t that be perfect in school? To join one class and be ready for graduation!

Why don’t you put aside those 2 TV series for other rainy days when you have nothing to watch and give a chance to The Strain. Yes, it is after a book, it is damn scary but also original. You might not go to dark closed spaces or travel by subway after watching it, but at least it will have some effect on you

Still, if nothing scares you, just take a trip to Brazil and be a part of their crazy pranks. There is also an added benefit to that….you will be famous on facebook and youtube :)