MALDIVES and swimming with the sharks

MALDIVES and swimming with the sharks

I was just a kid when the strict rules of our communist society were broken and somebody smuggled in The Blue Lagoon movie. Was so hard for me to believe that such a place with palm trees and crystal clear waters exist somewhere in the world and this was so different from the muddy river I was swimming as a kid, between rocks and dead bodies of drunk men….just joking.

Years past by and Titanic washed up the shore Leonardo and all the world cheered for him to get that damn Oscar. Of course everybody was on his side because after all he did give us The Island and we all found out about this beautiful and exotic country called Thailand. In fact, maybe the Thai government should pay him a percentage for all the tourism that movie brought over night. So much tourism actually that the concept of “deserted island” died away and you need a moment to figure if you are in New York or Phi Phi.

And I kept on dreaming that someday I will see the blue waters and I never knew that wild dreams usually come with a price…and I am not talking about the price of the trip, although that shall not be ignored either. If you want to make a Maldives dream into reality, start saving, rob a bank, wait for a rich relative to die or marry somebody with cash. I went for the first option but be aware because there is much saving to do and when you get to Maldives you might realize that you did not save enough.

So I come to the Maldives of my dreams and wildest imagination and I carry along together with my luggage some other personal stuff much heavier. I come to the blue waters with some dark news in my life. Too late to cancel the trip, impossible to lighten up the dark news so here I am stuck in Paradise with Hell waiting on me. As I walk on the beautiful and famous pontoon and I see the forest of palm trees, water surrounding me, I think…why am I given this dream? To see what I might never see again? How do I manage to enjoy it? How do I block all the crap in my life and see the beauty of a place? How do I live the moment?

Yes, how do we learn to live the moment? Why do we chose to go everywhere with a luggage of personal issues and let that heavy weight pull us down and blind us so we don’t see anything good in life? So I tried hard to see Maldives through my issues and I went deep into that blue water and I breathed hard as If I was trying to inhale a whole new world into my existence. And then I noticed all the fish and birds, the white sand and the sharks….wait, sharks?! First I got scared but after a while I decided to swim with them, after all I have been swimming with the human sharks recently and how much worst can it be with the real ones? Guess what….real sharks are boring! They don’t manipulate, don’t backstab, don’t lie, they just want to eat some fish. Try making friends with a human over some fish…even try with some fancy sushi, he will still backstab you at first chance.


Now, for you dear traveler that have no issues and no worries in life, there is nothing like Maldives. I have seen the waters of Greece, Spain, Italy, Egypt and Thailand but nothing compares to Maldives. At least once in life this is a MUST SEE place. Don’t look at the money you spend and don’t regret a penny. I truly believe that seeing the world is priceless. Be aware that this road to Paradise is a Hell trip from airport to airport to airport to boat, you go from transfer to transfer and you end up on the island already dead tired and angry at everyone… but chill, breath and take a look around.


If you want to avoid crowds and the Tokyo feeling, try to book your trip sometime in the beginning of April. Avoid though later April because China has some kind of holiday and there will be an invasion of 1 billion Chinese with cameras. At least this is what I saw in the last 2 days of my trip….they came and kept coming. At some point I thought that I will see them coming even directly from the see like zombies. Oh men, and they do take picture of everything and wonder at every single step. Maybe that is good and we are the stupid ones bitching at every step and taking things for granted. You go China…click click!

This was my trip to Sun Island Resort, a place stolen from my imagination and brought to me in real life. It came to me not as I expected it but I already know by now that things in my life never happen the way I want them to. So I enjoyed it after all by dropping my personal luggage into the blue ocean…at least for a while.


PS: here is crap that all you travel freaks want to know…take full board because it is the best choice, buy sun protection from home, have some small USD cash for tips (you will see it in their smiles that they expect it), you will get some free water in the room but of course it will not be enough so be prepared to pay extra for drinks, do the snorkeling because sharks are not dangerous, see the sharks and sting ray feeding (it is cool), internet is not good so don’t plan that you will be in touch with the whole world (you will not)


Have a Sunny life,