AMSTERDAM and the one way ticket concept

AMSTERDAM and the one way ticket concept

A one way ticket….you heard it in movies, in songs and I am sure you even thought about it many times.

Why do I call it a concept? What does it mean to buy a one way ticket? How would it feel if you would uncheck that return box when you purchase a flight?

A girl would say “OMG, how much shit do I need to pack if I don’t plan a return?” A financial wise man would say “isn’t it cheaper if I buy both ways?” A control freak would say “but is this one way the right way to go, did I make the right choice?”

I would say nothing at all. I would know that I leave things behind, some things that I love and some that I don’t. I would also know that other things will wait for me on the other side of the landing spot, some I would love and some I won’t. It is a risk I would take and I did take it a few times in my life. This is something I played with in my head since I was a kid. Always wanted to leave things behind and run away somewhere in the world. It is good I guess I am not a girl because I would have been a runway bride for sure!

Where would you go if you had the option in your hands? Would be someplace 5 minutes away or worlds apart? Where is that place you think troubles will not follow you? Or banks, reputation, judgmental society, betrayal or disappointment will never find you again?

I remember as a kid I used to cover myself up with a blanket completely when I was sleeping, thinking that the monsters will not find me that way. So silly but I cannot stop to wonder….do we think that way even now as grownups? Imagine that running away somewhere in the world will fix the problems and keep issues at bay? Is that that our imaginary blanket?

Well, I have a few One Way Ticket places on my list and one of  them is AMSTERDAM. There I would go and I would not look back too many times….just a bit to make sure that nobody follows:)

Here I am today, In Amsterdam, in a cozy coffee shop by the canal on a rainy day, writing this story. I did not buy the one way ticket this time, although my hand did hesitate when I pushed the purchase button. But I did promise to myself that someday I will. That day I will pack all my things and only the good memories. The rest I don’t need and I will leave behind. After all, everyone leaves something behind all the time…a lover, a job, an employee, a dream or life itself.

I am not a fool and I know every corner of this world has its own challenges. So for me the one way ticket to Amsterdam means possibilities, a fresh start, a clean slate, a bike ride, a legal smoke, a cage less life…and a horrible language but hey, we all have skeletons in the closet so even Amsterdam does:)

No, I don’t push you to run away anywhere but you know what? What if you keep that no return ticket somewhere in the corner of your mind as a wild card? That might be just the thing you need to relax and deal with things in life differently.

Screw society, take chances, say what you think, slap unfair bosses, change boring lovers…leave your life and when you get cloudy vision, just touch your pocket and feel that One Way Ticket waiting on you:)

The one way traveler, yours,