From a dream to reality and turning into a nightmare

From a dream to reality and turning into a nightmare

Yes I had a dream. One of many but now I want to talk about this one. So I had a dream to go to Arsenal stadium, take pictures and buy all kinds of crap that is totally useless if I consider any common sense and my dream became reality!

I guess you already figured I am an Arsenal fan. Why? I have no idea and I cannot event remember what made me like them so much in the first place. But why do we become fans of anything? Is it a rational decision behind or simply some chemistry with that person, product or team? I also wondered many times why do we feel the need to be fans and cheer for something. I guess we need that adrenaline and we need to win things. It is our way of achieving the unachievable otherwise. The things we cannot touch by ourselves or through our own performance, we can touch through our idols. Another game of imagination….we imagine we are drinking from the cup of success together with them, their medals are our own, their prizes in money are…..neah, let’s not go down that road!

Dear Mr. Cesc Frabregas, I am an Arsenal fan and I was your fan as well like any other crazy Arsenal supporter. I thought that you were the one to stay and help our team bring back success and kick some Chelsea ass and their Russian shady investment. I want you to know that I even got myself into a flight to London. And do you think I went straight to Tower Bridge or Big Ben? Oh no dear Fabregas, I ditched culture for a right away trip to Arsenal fan store to buy a t-shirt with your name on it. It was not even my size but I bought it anyway and planned to get fat so I can fit that XXL. But Dear Fabregas I want you to know that I will burn it!

This is how a letter to Fabregas would sound like if I would ever write one. No worries, I am not that crazy and also I will not burn anything but I do want to tell you the story of my broken Arsenal dream.

Imagine this….today I finally buy the damn Fabregas t-shirt and tomorrow I read in the press that he just signed for Barcelona!!! That is life I said and I moved on but now he signed for Chelsea and no, that is not life, that life sucks for any Arsenal fan :(

How do we deal with heartbreaks when our favorite teams loose, or players switch sides or singers leave bands? If your team keeps loosing, do you change sides and support the winning one just like half of this planet that sticks to Real Madrid and Barcelona simply because they buy everything and win everything? Or do you stick to your poor team, cry about it, bitch about it, scream about it and say about it….next season, next time? Are you the pragmatic that will decide to support the best team just to make sure you win no matter what or are you a romantic like me? I truly believe that staying with my team no matter how bad they are will someday give me a feeling of loyalty. That day when they will finally win the big thing it will be a much more special day for me than it is for you, the superficial Barcelona fan.

And how do I manage to stay faithful to my team? Football Manager, the computer game….that is how I always win. There I buy everything that I want, I get rich, I trash Chelsea, I take all the money that Manchester City has and sell to them my worst players and it feels great. And this is why I love imagination so much because it takes me so much further than reality does. Why would that be wrong? Don’t we all want to feel good at the end of the day? Why not simply do the things that makes you feel good in this case? But you would say “the things you imagine are not real man, you are foolish!”. But feeling good is real, isn’t it?

Now you might get smart and think maybe there should be also a computer game you can play and get the perfect wife and have mind blowing sex. You push it too far…
Seriously, how much fantasy in real life is too much fantasy? Are we destined to move our entire existence into cyber space? Playing soccer from the couch? Having sex on your keyboards? Having coffee on facebook? Eat cakes from Instagram to stay slim?


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