MADONNA and the rules of growing old

MADONNA and the rules of growing old

So what is considered ridiculous when you are 60? How far can we go with the excuse “young at heart”?

I am a big fan of Madonna cause I grew up with her music and crazy behavior but I believe there is an art of knowing how to grow old in a beautiful way. It is also a damn hard thing to stay grounded when fame takes over your life. These were the artists of my childhood: Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Bon Jovi and Madonna and most of them have been involved already in all kinds of scandals, sex, drugs or even died in strange ways. So Madonna, the creator of Vogue and Frozen, doing now an idiotic video and acting like a teenage girl is not that shocking maybe.

What was too much for you? Like a Prayer when she kissed the black dude, Justify My Love forbidden on MTV, Human Nature and all that hardcore sex, kissing Britney live? For me all that was fine and I watched all of those multiple times. But I have to say that I wondered….where it will all stop? Or will it ever?

“Bitch I am Madonna” came and managed to include my 5 things not to do when you are old:

  1. I guess all of them want to tell you in your face who they are. Come on Madonna, we’ve been seeing you on TV for 40 years so we know pretty well who you are. It’s Britney Bitch….and let her be cause she needs it more
  2. Video starts great with 3 little girls proudly saying the B word. I wonder if any of them asked…”mom, what is a bitch?” Or I wonder how would they respond when the teacher asked about homework now….”Bitch please, I was busy filming for Madonna!”
  3. We all know how horny Madonna can be so no surprise that she is making out with this 20 year old model. Imagine if your mother has sex with your college best friend!
  4. She has everyone in this video! I think she just took Billboard 100 and said “Bitch I’m Madonna and I want them all to be in my video singing my horrible song”.  And then she looked at the video and thought that someone is still missing….and she added the Muppets or something similarly hideous
  5. And speaking of the song….I honestly thought it was some kind of parody from Saturday Night Live but no, sadly it is a song

Only last week I went to a party and I acted a little crazier than my usual self and I am thinking….is this it? We all loose sense of common sense at later stage in life? It is maybe early for me to think that I am at a later stage in life but I ask for the sake of asking….how will I be ridiculous at 60? Any advice of how to avoid it?

But wait a minute….do we really need to avoid being crazy at 60? Who cares anymore, right? There’s just one life. Can we use this “one life” excuse to do things that society calls inappropriate?

Do what you like and act as you like regardless of age but I still think this Madonna song is horrible and the video just raised the bar….so I say:





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