World War Z and the weapons advertisement

World War Z and the weapons advertisement

Walking Dead created a high standard for zombie lovers and apocalyptic stories and it is very hard to follow that even if you release a book with a lot of PR and cast Brad Pitt in the movie on top of it.

Both movie and book fell flat for me. Maybe the movie was a bit  better for the only reason that they came up with this new idea that zombies moved very fast. Yes, that was scary as Hell but everything else was bad acting, bad story and money wasted on another grand production with terrible script.

But let me tell you more about the book. What do you think zombie lovers want to read about? I would say zombies, right? I wonder why and I am sure I am not the only one, Max Brooks decided to describe in such detail all over his book weapons, tanks, guns and bombs. Did US Military sponsor the books? I think the zombies were used by the author just as a trigger so he can tell us about a reshaped world, borders changed and old political grudges between countries.

Like in any normal story, you expect to connect with some characters, fear and feel for them but no. You can barely get to know them because the book is made of short stories that actually never finish properly. Almost each one of them is left hanging in the air so you keep wondering….did they die, did they make it? Everything is left to your own imagination with infinite possibilities. What the heck, like this I could write my own book since I have to imagine everything by myself anyway. Imagine if you have a chat with a friend and he starts telling you stories that he never finishes or jumping from one subject to another. Annoying friend that would be, right? So focus Max and try to get to the end of your stories…or are you maybe like Dory from Finding Nemo that keeps on forgetting what she started to do and why?!

Imagine sex encounters that you never finish….frustrating, right? No worries Max, we will not get pregnant if you finish your stories!

So take this World War Z waste of time book and burn it. Play instead Walking Dead if you want cool zombie stuff. Why is this one so much better? Because it takes time to develop characters, makes you understand them and connect with them, tells you stories about friendship and desperation and keeps you on the edge of your sit because nobody is safe. The unpredictability of it makes it so good and so frustrating in the same time….but still good

Yes, some seasons are better than others but the show is way above any other zombie themed movie ever produced.

There are 2 very interesting ideas as talking points from Walking Dead:

  1. Strangers can become family in times of crisis
  2. Alive humans can become more dangerous than dead humans in times of crisis

There are also 2 talking points in World War Z:

  1. It sucks!
  2. It sucks really bad!