Memory, sorrow and thorn... and boredom I would say

Memory, sorrow and thorn... and boredom I would say

I think Tad Williams (the author) must be a virgin girl that wants to take things slow, fall in love and get married before she gives her “flower” away because otherwise I cannot explain the slowness of this book!

It is the classical story of an orphan boy that has a hidden destiny and some royal blood. Mr. Williams takes his time to build the character and if you think that the story will pick up because all books tend to be slow at the beginning, well….you are very wrong. Page after page you have to follow up with this boy as he is strolling around a castle. And I kept on reading thinking that maybe there will be some kind of time jump and I finally see this boy a grown up taking on quests and playing the hero he was always meant to be. My hope lasted till the end of 3 thick volumes when the boy was less of a brat but still very much a boy. No hero, no super power, no saving the world by himself…just a kid with tones of luck that managed to stay alive through different trials. Yes, the world did get to live another day but not because of him so much.

So is it good to keep the faith and go on forever until we find out (too late) that it was for nothing? When is it a good time to give up hope and say damn it, I had enough? How do we choose what is worth hoping for? We keep a job hoping that someday we get promoted and noticed and do not dare to start another one from zero. We stay in a relationship because maybe she/he will change and we stop fighting. We stay in a school that we hate praying year after year that it will get better and interesting and will give us the dream job. We stay in one place in life because of hope. Who can help us spot the false hope from the real one? Image a scale you can jump on and just like you find out your weight (86 kg, labelled as fat), you also figure your hope is false and the screen reads: your hope is useless and u are an idiot,

Like any other fantasy, of course there is a very pretty princess in the book, brave, prideful and a bit annoying here and there. But even she lost patience with the dragging storyline and the boy that is never growing old…and she has sex with another dude! Yup, the pretty perfect princess of your dreams has steamy dirty sex on a sleazy boat with a perfect stranger. Really? Not even in her own bed between clean sheets?!

So how many of you thought that will have the first sexual experience with your high school sweetheart but instead got drunk and had a quickie on a backseat of a car with somebody else? We all imagine love in certain way and we are so sure that it is exactly how it will come to us….perfect, white, pure and forever lasting. And then we go ahead and marry for the money, stay together for the children, keep the appearances because of what the world would say. We start out so young and pretty, we end up so old and wrinkled. We begin so full of feelings but we finish up in one night stands without any meaning. We embark this world as dreamers but along the way we lose ourselves.

Some people envision a perfect future and some others might be just like me….I remember my cousin always wanted to play with dolls and here we had a bit of a different view of the game. She wanted them to have beautiful weddings and I was proposing they have sex. Now don’t judge me too harsh…my family was playing XXX movies for the neighborhood for some extra cash so I grew up with porn, not poetry. My childhood princess had the face of Ciociolina, not Cinderella.

Now going back to Memory, Sorrow and Thorn book series, after a slow build up over 3 volumes with a lot of unresolved mystery, the story ends in the worst possible way….in confusion. It was not even clear to me who gave the final killing blow to the villain, why the boy never reached the damn puberty and what was the power of the sword after all?

Felt just like University in a way….you go to school for many years and when you finally graduate, you have more questions than answers about your future. The only thing for certain is that you are unemployed.

That is life sometimes, not black nor white….just grey and confusing so you don’t need a book on top of that to play with your head and eat your time without any decent ending.
Imagine a sex date without any chemistry and an interrupted happy end cause your mom just walked in.